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Looking for a top-notch personal injury chiropractor in St. Louis? We are highly experienced in all aspects of Chiropractic Care! We handle your personal injury case with care and compassion.  We also work in conjunction with your attorney, orthopedist, or primary care physician to offer you the fastest road to maximum medical improvement. We offer free evaluations to document your injuries.  No Payments until your case settles!

Struggling with a workplace accident or injury?  On the job accidents and injuries are also an area of focus.  We strive for the both you and your employer to see you healthy and able to work, with a focus on minimizing time and dollars spent for your recovery in the process. Our knowledge of workers' compensation insurance guidelines is critical to success in cases of workplace accident and injury. 

Dr. Lingafelter’s largest personal belief is “Life is too short to be in pain. Getting out of pain is the first step to leading a healthier lifestyle.” The information and treatment Chiropractic Physicians can provide is priceless. Folks who are willing to take advantage of Chiropractic services are further ahead than the rest when it comes to conserving our most precious gift, the gift of health.

Dr. Tobin Lingafelter is a 2003 Graduate of Logan College of Chiropractic. Dr. Lingafelter has established the Back & Neck Care Center of Sunset Hills where he helps people get out of pain on a daily basis. “In a large percentage of people, pain results from immobile joints in the spine and other parts of the body” states Dr. Lingafelter. “Chiropractic adjustments mobilize fixated joints which leads to pain relief.”

Dr. Lingafelter originates from a small town in Western Illinois called Viola. Viola is “boom” town of 950 folks with a farming community atmosphere. Dr. Lingafelter’s small town values show through in his patient care. “I treat every patient with the same care and respect as I give my own family,” states Dr. Lingafelter. “It’s all about helping people.

To schedule an appointment or for a complimentary phone consultation call The Back & Neck Care Center of Sunset Hills at (314) 842-8884.

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