Beware of the Chiropractic Salesperson!!!!

There seems to be two types of Chiropractic practices these days.  One group are what I term “the Chiropractic Car Salesman.”  These doctors recommend treatment plans for common ailments of up to 80+ treatments, bill out of network insurance benefits without informing the patients, and bill for unnecessary adjunct therapies during the office visit…which usually lasts close to an hour.


Stop. The. Madness.


Here’s the deal.  If you are like 85% of the rest of the world….you don’t want to spend excessive time or money on getting out of pain or healthcare in general.  Visits to my office usually last about 5 minutes after we have determined what is wrong with you, how do we treat it, how long will it take, and how much will it cost.  Yes, I may take 5-10 treatments to feel better, but certainly not 85.  Severe whiplash from auto accidents usually take 20-25 treatments max.


Don’t be fooled.  I you want fast, effective care with reasonable fees.  Please visit me soon!


Doc Tobin